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Bob Fizz @MintClub-Tattoo

"Especially for Dotwork and geometric Motives, I can always rely on a very high, consistent quality of my needles. This is what I love and appreciate about Magic Moon Needles."

Eva Schatz @MintClub-Tattoo

"When I started tattooing I always wished for such a high quality needles. That's why I am twice as happy about the endless spectrum of top notch Magic Moon needle configurations which will have something for anyone. With the Magnum Long Tapers, color gets into the skin is if applied by an invisible hand. That's just pure fun. Furthermore I love and appreciate comminication and customer care a lot. Many thanks for that!"

Emanuel Oliveira @SublimeVilla

"The quality of the Magic Moon Needles is perfect and the variety of sizes and tapers makes me have several options in the tattoo process."

George Bardadim @Bardadim Tattoo NYC

"I've been using Magic Moon Tattoo Needles since 2009. And when they started to produce cartridges with the same needle quality and membrane, I couldn't be happier as that was perfectly matching my needs! Best needles ever!"

Guen Douglas @Taiko Gallery

"I love the consistency of quality. With other needles I would use maybe half of each box with some being too tight; or boxes would differ immensely from one another. I know when I order a box from magic moon they will all be good."

Jamie Ris @Dog Star Tattoos

"The first reason why I love the cartridges is, that I never ever had a needle that popp out of my tube. The soldering of the needles is always on point. Even more important to me is the quality of the membrane, it is super consistent and reliable."

Led Coult

"Magic Moon needles apply pigments with the very same efficency and consintency during longer sessions, which is essential for my work. The steel doen't traumatize the skin like most other needles that cause a great deal of skin redness, interfering with some of the pigment tones used in the Tattoo. So the result I get with Magic Moon Needles at the end of a session is almost similar to when the tattoo is healed. I get to use 50 out of 50 needles, so I don't have to worry about quality at all. Magic Moon needles are an essential tool who just fit my style and my rythm, that's why I chose them above everything else."

Michele L"Abbate @The Family Business Tattoo London

"I've been using magic moon tattoo needles for over 6 years now and I couldn't recommend anything better. Perfect soldering, best lines ever. Try them big time!"

Nicky van Minderhout @Magic Moon Tattooing

"I use the 3515 Soft Edge Magnum for a great flow of colours. I really like the 15 Round Shaders for lining, you get really thick lines and great flow of ink. For really crisp sharp linework I use 3007 Round Lliners."

Pablo Felipe @Corpsepainter Tattoo

"I started tattooing back in 2002, when soldering your own needles was still a thing. I tried many brands on the market, but wasn't satisfied with the quality at all. When I found Magic Moon needles, I was super pleased, because they were the first ones to meet my expectations qualitywise. After using them for a while, I was fully convinced, because the quality was soooo consistent and the soldering so precise, I stopped looking for other brands. When Magic Moon started putting their needles in cartridges, it even improved my work. I was able to quickly switch between different needle configurations and therefore my tattooing became much more efficient. My favourites are the 13 One Off Liners, the ink flow is just great and packs a lot of colour in the lines. I also use 7 Round Liners and 13 Soft Edge Magnum a lot."

Phatt Alec German @Irie Ites Tattoo

"I love Magic Moon Cartridges, always reliable, consistent and I can focus on the tattooing without worrying about the healing."

Schwarz @H.V. 44 Tattoo Studio

"For the last cuple of years I have been using Magic Moon tattoo needles and I can say that I'm very happy with them. The steel and sharpness are always the same...high quality,I have never found a flaw in them, and they allow me to do my black and grey work with ease. I trully belive using the Magic Moon needles helped me take my work to the next level. I highly recommend them!"

Sile Sanda @Glasgow UK

"Being in the industry for more than 10 years, I have tried most of the cartridges out there and I can say that Magic Moon Cartridges are my favourite. The needles are very good for all styles of tattooing so you can make everything from very solid lines to soft shades and pack colour with no problem. The needles groups I often use are 7 Round Liner, 9 Round Shader, 9 Soft Edge Magnum and 15 Magnum, I encourage everyone to try them out, because they won't regret it."

Willem Janssen @Vault 13 Parlour

"I've been using both regular needles and cartridges from Magic Moon and I simply love them! The consistency of each needle is perfect every time, so I don't need to worry about them and can focus only on the tattoo! My favorites are 3509 Straight Round Liner, 13 Magnums for solid coloring and 25 Soft Edge Magnums for the shading!"

Miguel Ameliach @One More Tattoo/ LU

"I appreciate the great quality and consistency, perfect needles every time, great flow of ink and most importantly, perfect healing. My favorites are 5RL, 7RS and 15SEM for Color or Black and Grey. I’m glad to be part of this team."